Insurance & Financing

Health insurance coverage for an audiological evaluation and hearing aids varies.  Hearing Associates accepts many health insurance plans, including plans offered through Cover Oregon. Just give us a call or email us and we will be happy to check your specific coverage.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare does not cover hearing aids or routine hearing tests done for the purpose of prescribing, fitting or changing hearing aids. Some Medicare Advantage plans cover this routine testing and/or hearing aids.

Medicare does cover diagnostic hearing tests if a physician orders it for a medical need such as a recent hearing loss due to an illness or an accident. The results will then help the physician determine appropriate medical or surgical treatment of a hearing deficit. Regardless of the outcome of the diagnostic tests, Medicare still does not cover hearing aids. We do accept Medicare assignment.  


Because your hearing is important, we offer CareCredit, a healthcare credit card specifically designed to pay for hearing aids. As the leader in patient financing, CareCredit had made it easy for millions of patients nationwide to improve their hearing, with monthly payment plans provided by CareCredit so you can get the hearing aids you need – today. Contact us for more information.