Learning to Hear Again Classes

These classes are included at no additional charge to patients who purchased their hearing aids from Hearing Associates. Hearing Associates offers "Learning to Hear Again" classes for individuals with hearing loss and their families. These three, one-hour classes are offered every month and focus on strategies and techniques to improve communication for hearing impaired people. At Hearing Associates we understand that hearing instruments do not provide perfect hearing, and various coping strategies are necessary, especially in noisy or group situations. These classes will allow for review of hearing instrument use, care and realistic expectations, as well as telephone use, speech reading, listening tips, assistive listening and alerting devices, and much more. We have also found that the shared experiences of the class participants are a valuable learning tool.

We encourage you to take advantage of this program*. Please contact our office to register for the next series of classes. Space is limited.

*If you did not purchase your hearing instruments through Hearing Associates, you may enroll for a fee.

Dr. Sandi Ybarra discusses the the Hearing Associates "Learning to Hear Again" Classes. The classes are offered every month in a series of three.  Dr. Ybarra discusses the topics covered in the classes and how to sign-up.