Why I shouldn’t buy my hearing instruments from a Big Box Store

  1. If we are comparing “apples to apples” Hearing Associates can match Big Box prices.  Cheaper hearing aids may end up costing you more in the long run.  If budget restraints are your number one concern, we have many options to work within your budget.
  2. Big Box stores buy in bulk.  Hearing Associates does not have “the hearing aid of the month”.  We have access to over one hundred different models guaranteeing the most appropriate technology for your hearing loss. 
  3. Diagnosing, not just measuring, your particular hearing loss is critical. Hearing Associates has a Doctor of Audiology who is Board Certified in Audiology.
  4. Hearing Associates’ hearing aids come with vital services to guarantee your hearing aids work well for years to come.
  5. Hearing Associates’ hearing aids come with free batteries.  Over five years (the average life of a hearing aid) this could cost you over $900.
  6. We professionally clean your hearing aids every three months at no additional cost to you.  Clean hearing aids work better.
  7. Hearing Associates is a local, independent, private practice.  We support our community, economy and charities (e.g., Kidsports, The Shedd, The Child’s Center, Square One Villages, etc.).
  8. Big Box stores lock other hearing providers out of their software.  Adjustments can only be made at that particular store.
  9. Hearing Associates employees are highly trained to provide the most appropriate and excellent hearing aid services.
  10. At Hearing Associates we understand the whole family is affected by a loved one’s hearing loss.  Our treatment plans include and involve the whole family.