Great! You've decided to do something to correct your hearing deficit. The first step is finding a good Audiologist - the most important step! Someone knowledgeable with the latest technology at their fingertips, who cares and listens to your needs and wants. Get this right and the process will change your life. (No exaggeration.)


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My partner and I recently had our hearing checked by Dr. Ybarra. It was my second visit to her office, my partner’s first. I was very pleased with our appointments. My partner was diagnosed four years ago with memory loss, which has progressed into Alzheimer’s Disease. In recent months she has begun to ask me to repeat what has just been said, so I suspected hearing loss. Dr. Ybarra treated her with great kindness and respect. I was very grateful for that.

As for myself, Dr. Ybbarra discussed hearing aid options with me, including some aids which she does to sell but which are available to me through my health insurance. I learned a lot about hearing devices from her. Hearing Associates is a very professional medical office, staffed with well-informed, caring professionals. We will be back.

Barbara Newman

I highly recommend Dr. Sandi Ybarra and Hearing Associates for any hearing problems you may be having or if you suspect a hearing loss. Dr. Ybarra’s hearing evaluation is much more extensive than the one I received by another local audiologist. Dr. Ybarra also fully explains the results of your hearing test and recommendations for the type of hearing aids you may possibly need. Your support from Hearing Associates does not end after you receive your hearing aids.

You receive free batteries, free quarterly cleaning along with convenient walk-in hours during the week. Dr. Ybarra also encourages her patients to participate in a free class held one hour each week for four weeks. You learn more about hearing loss, how to handle certain situations, and meet other clients of Hearing Associates in a friendly and relaxed environment.

S. Greenstreet

My relationship with Hearing Associates began eleven years ago when I was in second grade. My teacher had noticed that I was having difficulty with various sounds, and recommended that I have my hearing checked. My parents contacted Hearing Associates and learned that Dr. Ybarra works with children. After the initial exam, I was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss, and eventually fitted with hearing aids. Since that moment, my life has never been the same. Throughout the years, Dr. Ybarra has had a continuing impact on me, as hearing healthcare and technology continue to advance in amazing ways. To me, Hearing Associates is much more than just an audiology office. It has become a home, with individuals who truly care for your well-being.

Thank you!

Reed Redding

As far as hearing aids go, I am very grateful to be living in this period in history. I remember how difficult it was for my grandmother with hearing loss, and none of us understood how to adjust to her. She'd be physically with us but often have a blank look. As a boy I thought she was sort of stupid when she made inappropriate responses in a conversation. I am now almost 74 and realize her difficulties could have been mine, too, without improvements in hearing aids.

I got my first pair about twenty-five years ago in my late 40s. They were the old analog style, and they helped but had side effects: sound was abrasive, it was impossible to damp down sudden bursts of noise, and they didn’t work well with telephones. I wanted to tear them out of my ears at the end of each day from the stress of listening all day to loud dissonant sound. But now we’ve lived through the digital revolution, and my current hearing aids put out much cleaner and friendlier sound. They’ve let me work several years longer, kept me participating in conversations with family and friends, and let me watch TV, movies and plays. Otherwise, I would have been isolated like my grandmother. I understand now that it doesn’t work to ask people to stand close and face you, to talk slowly and in a medium voice. They try to adjust but soon forget and go back to normal speech. With hearing aids I can usually understand people (with the exceptions of quiet voices and noisy backgrounds).

I am grateful that Dr. Ybarra has worked hard to keep up with the new technology.

Dan H.
Eugene, OR

I have been a client at Hearing Associates for over 20 years. First with my mother, then my own hearing problems (that developed 13 years ago), then my husband one year ago and just recently, the need to upgrade when my old aids could no longer correct my growing deficit. New "little computers" for my ears; what a difference!

The caring, truly listening staff at Hearing Associates is amazing. Not only finding the exactly right aides for you but maintenance, providing batteries, periodic re-testing, re-programming as needed, classes to help you "learn to hear again" (with many tips), and always striving to please you. After the initial investment, all of the above services are free. Yes - 20 years of free. Both partners have doctorates in Audiology and have personalities that make them extra special. Yes, yes - I recommend Hearing Associates. You'll never regret this choice.

G. Bailey R.N. ret.
Eugene, Oregon

I have found a group of miracle workers. They go by the name of Hearing Associates.

My hearing had got to the point that I simply could not clearly hear or understand what others were saying.

I asked Hearing Associates if there was a solution and they said yes. They fit me with new hearing aids that have opened up sounds that I had forgotten existed.

I now have lost the frustration that built up because I could not always understand what was being said to me or around me. I have gained back that most important sense of sound. It probably is not as good as it was when I was younger but I am most joyful for what it is today.

Thank you Hearing Associates.

Bill Berg
Springfield, Oregon

The last time I was here, you asked - or challenged - me to analyze why I'm happy with my new hearing instruments. That's hard, for I'm consciously aware of my hearing aids only seldom and then usually for mechanical, rather than auditory, reasons (as when they compete with my glasses for the space behind my ears). They are in place from the time I get up until I shower at night. Throughout the day I belong in the sound environment, never feeling as if I were outside it straining to hear what's filtered through a noisy drain.

Perhaps the following will illustrate this. My friend and I walk regularly in Hendricks Park, where we enjoy listening to the brilliant, high-pitched and complex songs of Winter Wrens. Often I can hear a distant song that she, with her hearing instruments cannot. And in this forest background, with other birdsongs and noises from the city super-imposed, I can locate any singer much more precisely than she can. But it's always natural and intuitive, and never involves my thinking, "Oh, the sound in the right ear is a little louder than in the left," or anything of that sort. What a pleasure they have been!

Eugene, Oregon

Here are some of my thoughts about the wonderful classes you offer.

I recently purchased a new hearing instrument from Hearing Associates. I have had four hearing aids over the last thirty-five years and no Audiologist offered the services that Hearing Associates does.

My wife and I particularly enjoyed attending the classes. Some of the hints and tips mentioned we were accustomed to using. Some of our behaviors need to be unlearned. We were provided with a wealth of new information that will help to avert frustrations, lessen impatient responses, and enrich every day life.

Gary Costar
Springfield, Oregon

My life has changed completely. I am more aware of my surroundings and of conversation and sound. Mostly the quietness of sound as there is no more blaring. My speaking voice has lowered and I am more confident in crowds as I hear and understand the conversation.

These instruments are so subtle that I have forgotten to wear them at times only because the change is so subtle and natural. I have showered 3 times with them on. One time I discovered them floating on the floor. I have left them in my ears all night forgetting them completely. Obviously I got a good night sleep and dreamed better not missing a single word.

I have received a great gift; my hearing instruments no longer occupy a spot in my dresser drawer. I am extremely pleased. Finally I can hear, my voice sounds good, I can sing with the Eugene Gleeman while using my aids and still hear the piano.

If they could be made any better I would consider new ones.

John Antone
Springfield, Oregon

When I first learned I had a hearing loss and needed hearing aids I was quite uneasy about choosing the right people for evaluation and treatment. Hearing Associates was very highly recommended to me. Now I highly recommend Hearing Associates and all I have referred have been very pleased. I have five siblings who also have hearing deficits and they are very impressed when I tell about my experience at Hearing Associates. Sandi Ybarra, Au.D. gives excellent care with warmth and consideration. She is always readily available and the staff could not be more welcoming.

Katherine Marzano
Eugene, Oregon

I am an adult with a profound hearing impairment from birth. I have used hearing aids since I was twenty one years old and in my first teaching position.

Eight years ago, while living on the central coast in Yachats, I learned about Hearing Associates by asking the Lane County Schools audiologist who worked with children which audiologists they recommended. In the fall of 2010, while preparing for an updating of my hearing aids, I visited Hearing Associates and learned which brand and model would be recommended on a trial basis. I then researched the price with pricing on eBay and other internet health product websites. I found that I would be paying about $500-$600 more for instruments through Hearing Associates. When I compared the extra cost with the benefit of having a professional whom I trusted to service my aids by adjusting them for my specific needs, and providing ongoing adjustments and service, there was no price comparison with hearing instruments available on the internet.

I recommend Dr. Ybarra and the staff for testing, honest evaluation and recommendation based on client's actual needs and budget concerns. I have referred numerous friends to Hearing Associates for help with tinnitus, hearing impairment due to tumors, aging and other causes of lost hearing. All of them have gotten the professional caring and individual help they needed.

Peter L. Fritsch
Springfield, Oregon

At best, hearing loss is inconvenient and annoying. At worst, it is debilitating and a potential recipe for losing connection with friends and family. And although hearing loss runs deeply through my family, I was unprepared for the challenges it brought to my life and work. By sheer luck, I found Hearing Associates and quickly learned that I had a source for seemingly endless help adapting to this change in my life.

Words fail to adequately express the quality of care that comes out of this office. Highly educated, contemporary in their approach to hearing solutions, Sandi is far more than simply a hearing aid sales person. Hearing Associates works with all ages, takes great care to understand each person's specific needs, and provides cutting edge alternatives for those of us who may look like senior citizens, but want to believe that we are not.

In addition to the equipment to compensate for hearing loss, Hearing Associates dispenses compassion, understanding, knowledge and intelligent advice, packaged professionally and with exceptionally good humor. With highly capable, caring and well-trained staff, Hearing Associates has given me assurance that I can continue to be a part of the hearing world.

Sue Prichard
Eugene, Oregon

I made the mistake of going to a hearing aid company that didn't have an audiologist on staff. They tried to sell me new hearing aids, which I didn't think I needed. I just wanted my current hearing aids adjusted and programmed which they told me they could do. They sent my hearing aids to a factory but they came back without programming, and I was not able to wear them.

Bottom line...stick with the professionals...Hearing Associates gave me a very detailed hearing test, examined my hearing aids and did a great job setting them up correctly.

Hearing Associates has professional and trained Doctors on staff with the latest technology to take care of your hearing problems. I really appreciate what they have done for me.

Bill Sponseller
Coos Bay, Oregon

I am a person who has worn hearing aids for more than 15 years. They had become largely ineffective. I was withdrawing from social activities because I could not understand or respond to conversations. I found more and more, I preferred staying in my room.

Dr. Ybarra thought new hearing aids would help. I doubted they would work, but was hopeful anyway. The new hearing aids have improved my hearing and my life. Bridge is fun again. I'm hearing without straining. It's wonderful!

Dorothy D.
Eugene, Oregon

Thanks for the follow up. The new ear plugs are fitting great and they are a tremendous improvement in both comfort and listening pleasure. I am very pleased that you were willing to help me with them and somewhere between pleased and amazed with the friendly, attentive and accommodating service that your whole office provided. Thank you very much!

Eugene, Oregon

I want to thank all of you for the great service you’ve provided all the years I’ve been coming to Hearing Associates. You are a generous and highly professional group of people! It means a lot to have Debra remember my (and others’) name when we come in.

Elaine Twigg Cornett
Eugene, OR

After visiting Hearing Associates in Eugene I received custom made earplugs that make me sleep better (I am a light sleeper).

Knowledgeable doctor and VERY friendly supporting staff (Debra and Megan).

The Netherlands

Thank you so much for having such competent staff that has resulted in my being healthy for the first time in two years! Thank you for your accurate evaluation of my hearing problem and sending me immediately to see my ENT doctor. I can’t tell you how grateful I am!

Gail Newton
Eugene, OR